Food habits in England

Different countries have different food habits and similarly, people follow the same as one of their culture and tradition. Likewise, England people also used to follow some food habits. Their meal consists of soup, fried fish, and chips along with vegetables. Common meats like beef, mutton, and lamb were also preferred to pork in England. Since their cooking style is famous for meat puddings and meat pies, they mostly serve it, especially during dinner. Also, they serve fruit salad, a pie, jelly, ice cream, custard, and lot more as a dessert. Apart from people, children in England used to eat a bowl of cereal as a breakfast.

The cereals are made with grains rich in protein like corn, wheat, oats, and the lot more food grains. Even in the winter season, people used to eat porridge or boiled oats to keep them healthy always. Their traditional breakfast dishes include eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, baked beans, and mushrooms, etc. their most popular cuisines are fish and chips, pizza, Chinese stir-fry, Chicken tikka masala, Spaghetti bolognese, Roast dinner, sweet and sour chicken. Since British people are called “Anglo Indians” they look unique in every aspect, especially in food habits.