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2009 Desing-Fullhan Digital TV Industry Forum opens in Chengdu, Sichuan


2009’ Desing-Fullhan Digital TV Industry Forum opens in Chengdu, Sichuan, on Aug. 8, sponsored by Fullhan Microelectronics and Chengdu Desing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Over 300 attendees, made up of Broadcasting and TV Bureau experts and trades from all over China, listened to lectures of the latest trend of video codec technology and exchanged their point views upon H.264 video compression standard.

The Superiority of applying H.264 to DTMB-TH STB, a speech delivered by Fullhan Microelectronics, gave listeners a picture of the development of video codec standards over years and emphasized the advantages of H.264 standard and its unique benefits to digital TV. Under the same bandwidth, the number of programs encoded by H.264 is twice that of MPEG2 format, which has the precious bandwidth being utilized to the most and enhances the terrestrial TV operator’s competitiveness. Lastly, in this lecture, Fullhan’s edge on H.264 and its mature, cost-effective, high-performance H.264 DTMB-TH STB solutions were introduced. The speech as well as other lectures with regards to the characteristics and applications of H.264 had aroused heated discussions and lots of feedbacks among attendees.

The forum also arranged attendees to witness the stable, fluent playing and impressive visual experience of H.264 DTMB-TH STB system which has been put into commercial use successfully in the nearby Shouren County of Chendu.

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